This lists the main plugins the server use’s & details of their commands.

Player List – Use /online to show how many online. /Players to list by name.
DeathMarker – A marker in game & on the map, where your body resides if you we’re killed. Lasts for 5 minutes & removes once you’ve found your body.
DeathNotes – This broadcasts to everyone who killed who & by what weapon.
Kits – Everyone spawns with a basic kit to get you going.
RemoverTool – by typing /remove. It allows players to recover items placed incorrectly, or to redesign parts of your base, by destroying walls & restoring the resources uses.
SaveAnnouncer – This notifies the entire server, that the server is saving. Handy if your just about to attack someone in the middle of a save & get killed due to lag.
StackSizeController – Stack sizes to Wood, Stone, Frags, Ore & charcoal have been increased.
Upkeep – This has been reduced significantly. This is to allow players to be more creative with base designs & not be limited by the capacity of the TC.

Tool Gatherer – This resembles Resource Gathering Manager plugin, but with a difference. Rather than allow x5, x10 gather rates across all items, making the need to go beyond the hatchet or pickaxes, a little pointless. As what you get is the same regardless of item. This plugin locks those gather rates to each specific tool. For example, the stone exe would gather at 1.5x, the exe 2.5x, salvaged exe 4x & chainsaws 6x. Meaning, it’s more worth while to aim for higher level items for gathering.

TC Protection – The plugin prevents the TC taking damage. Seeing as the TC only has 100hp, it seems to be the weak point in most bases for raiders to target. Take out the TC, put your own in allows you to build up & around the base at will for easier raiding. So, this makes people destroy the floor the TC sits on & reduces the base takeovers many people hate to see happen to their own bases, just out of spite.
So, 1 floor panel of HQM is easily manageable for anyone to deal with in upkeep And it adds that bit more difficulty for raiders.

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