1. Base16, Tower1 & Fortress bases are amazing. Just pasted them onto my server & damn, they must have taken you ages to build these. Looking forward to seeing whats inside after raiding them. Although, I think the Fortress one will take a week to take down lol!

  2. VsUK, You are a legend man. The Fortress is a monster. Lagged the hell out of the server pasting it. But damn… That must have taken you ages to build.

  3. Thanks for posting these. I have some I can share that I use on my server. I have a couple lower difficulty wood bases and some trap ones designed to scare the new players. I also have a santa workshop for christmas and some halloween themed ones I pull out.. Travelling alot this weekend but will be happy to share

    • Thanks, appreciate the offer. Just drop them in a zip somewhere & drop me the url in a reply & I’ll be sure to add them to the list, if you don’t mind me sharing?

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