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Server News

Next wipe 6th June

Hopefully by then. The VIP packages will be available to any & all who wish to contribute to the server’s up keep. And the gift is, access to some pretty cool plugins. Stay tuned for more info as & when!

Bugs & errors

Server instability resolved!

Since the update on Thursday 7th. The server has been undergoing some random reboots & excessive lag spikes. The server was updated 3 times to try & resolve any issue’s. However, this failed to fix the problem. Map corruption meant […]

Server News

Changes for next full wipe

Up coming changing for the next server wipe on 4th April are as follows.1. Bots will be added to the server in different strengths at monuments & roaming biomes. They drop loot, nothing outstanding, but enough to make those few […]

Server News

Next wipe 7th May

The server wipe has been brought forward to 7th March, or as soon as. Seeing as the last update was late into the evening. Admin Next wipe is scheduled for 4th April. Admin.