Server offline

Problems with the host trying to ram up the price for renting, on top of a reevaluation of the server & where it was heading, has lead me to take it offline. The cost per month for a handful of players, can’t really be justified. Maybe it was the fact I had created too many mods & removed the competitiveness of the game.

So, for the foreseeable future, the server will be offline. It may return sooner than I can imagine it doing so. And if it does, It will be a scaled back server with just a few mods & nothing extreme. No loot bases or admin assistance. The game is about killing & raiding. My attempts sorta removed that aspect & it became boring.

But stay tuned, I will let you all know what I’m thinking of doing & when. I do want to set up a server, I just hope we can create a bigger community than we had. Rust is a lonely place to play, when your the only person online.


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