Last wipe

Last wipe was 3rd Jan. Next wipe 4th April

Server Info

  • This is a fair play server. A UK based server, but welcome all to play.
  • This server is a lightly modded server, to give that little more enjoyability.
  • Map & BP wipes will be every 3 months, or when forced. Backup of blueprints will be made before server updates. Map data will be restored, unless the update is too much of a change to ignore. This long gap between wipes, is to prolong the enjoyability of the game.
  • Gathering has been increased slightly for some, x5 for wood, stone & collecting off the floor x3.
  • Nav has disabled for increased server performance.
  • Resource stack size increased to 10k. Fragments set at 5k of obvious reasons.
  • Some item stack sizes increased, some decreased.
  • Some loot item drops have been increased.
  • Tool Cupboard can only be destroyed if the floor it sits on is destroyed.
  • Upkeep 4x slower, to allow players to be more creative with bases. This is to make it more difficult for base take over, which is often done out of spite.
  • Day & night length increased. Days last for 60 minutes. Night times last for 30.
  • Campfires, Ceiling Light, Fire pit, Fireplace, Jack Lanterns, Lanterns & Tuna lights. These auto turn/off at 18:30pm Game time & turn off at 08:00am Game time. They all consume fuel!
  • Clans are available on this server. This allows the formation of clans & alliances.

Server Rules

  • No racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic abuse.
  • No selling or forms of extortion.
  • No player trolling, with the sole intention to limit someone's game play, unless they give you something.
  • No comm spamming.
  • No auto turrets located at the usual naked spawn points. These will be deleted by admin.
  • Just try & be nice & play the game as intended. Remember, we all start out naked.

Thank you for understanding!